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When you walk into a store where you can look around and not only smell, but see the unique history of the place, you know that you are home. That is what Resnick’s hardware provides for its many loyal customers, by not only providing them with great service but with a piece of history as well.

H. Resnick, circa 1912 on 19th St.

Resnick’s Hardware was started in 1912 by Harry Resnick, and got its beginnings on 19th street in Bayonne, New Jersey. As the business grew, Harry decided to move his store to 46th Street and Broadway, that was in 1918 and the store is still going strong today. Resnick’s Hardware has been in business for 103 years, being handed down through three generations of Resnicks.

The hardware store is now the perfect combination of old-fashioned charm and modern convenience. The store started out selling typical tools and specialty items such as crab traps, cat o nine tails, linoleum, and even ice tongs to carry ice to and from the wagons. Of course, these things are not needed in today’s modern world, but the old world charm of the place still remains. The items that were carried back then, depended on the needs of the clientele and that is still true today.

The old store

Al Resnick became the second generation to own Resnick’s Hardware and still helps out with the administrative side of the business on a day to day basis. This is no small feat as Al is now 97 years old and the third generation has now stepped in to carry on the long-standing tradition of bringing only the best to the residents of Bayonne, New Jersey.

Al’s son Larry has taken over the running of the hardware store and modern things have come to pass. Twenty years ago, he decided to start a Tool and Party Rentals section in the store, so you can not only get your tools at Resnick’s but rent your party supplies as well. In the modern world, there is not much need for ice tongs or cat o nine tails, so today you will find custom radiator covers, kitchen cabinets, and even balloons.

The hardware store has grown from a little store in 1912 to a booming business that sells everything from kitchen cabinets to party supplies. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed at all is the excellent customer service and the value that three generations of Resnick’s have placed on pleasing the customer and bringing them back for more.

Resnick’s Hardware has long been a staple of this thriving Bayonne community. They have been around through three generations and have recently celebrated their 100th anniversary. Their dedication to their business is only matched by their dedicated to community and the people they serve. Resnick’s Hardware has grown and prospered over the last 103 years and they intend to be around for many generations to come to serve the community, the customers and to increase the business that they have all come to know and love.

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