Reasons You Need a Selfie Photo Booth at Your Next Party

When it comes to selfies, the jury is a bit out. Some people see them as actions of the self-absorbed and vain, some people believe them to be radical expressions of self-love, and other people just find them annoying. However, no matter where you stand, if you’re planning to host a party, you should definitely consider bringing a selfie photo booth on board. Are you a selfie naysayer? Maybe this article will convince you to make an exception.

• It Gives Guests Control over the Photography
Many people find it nerve wracking when other people wave cameras in their faces and demand to take photographs to document the occasion. For perfectionist or self-conscious people, appearing in photographs taken by somebody else can be something of a nightmare. This is a situation where a selfie photo booth can become a great compromise.

After all, you probably want to have some photographs of your guests so you can remember the party fondly. If you provide them with a selfie photo booth, you still get to see photographs of them later, but you also grant them control over their image. They get to make sure that the pictures of them that wind up on Facebook are ones that are flattering and attractive, and you essentially get an interactive photo book.

• It’s Appropriate for All Ages
If you’re throwing a party where kids are absolutely not welcome, this point doesn’t really concern you. However, if your event is one that’s centered on the adults, but some people are likely to bring their kids along for whatever reason, a selfie photo booth can be an effective distraction for the children.

There’s nothing inappropriate or adult about selfies, so you can use the selfie photo booth as a way for any children present to entertain themselves, while still getting some fun photos of your older guests. This can be especially useful if you have teenagers present; selfies in the modern age were primarily popularized by younger people, so you might as well let them have their fun.

• It Can Be a Get Away Spot
There’s a good chance that you have some introverts on your guest list, and no matter how fantastic your party is they are probably going to need to take a break from it eventually. Instead of having their only option be reading in the guest bedroom, let them use the selfie booth to distract themselves from the festivities until they feel energized enough to reappear. A selfie photo booth allows people to get away from the noise and activity for a little bit, while still giving them the chance to be silly on their own and document it for later.

It’s Entertaining!
Even if you’re a selfie rejecter, the majority of people probably wouldn’t agree with you on that. Many people have a lot of fun taking selfies, and the results can be quite amusing. Offer your party guests a selfie photo booth, and you’ve just given them a unique and unusual way to entertain themselves that just might yield some fun results later.

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why you should add a selfie booth to your party. If you would like more party planning tips contact someone in your area that may be able to assist you with this.

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